Kristen is not just another real estate agent, but THE AGENT you want on your side in the whirlwind search of finding the right home.  She is incredibly thorough, real about setting expectations, knowledgeable, and ethical.  We first met Kristen when she was hosting an open house for a property we were interested in, and to be honest, we didn’t pursue her as our agent right away.  Instead, we did our own thing, and then partnered (and broke up with) several other agents over a 3-4 month period.  Frustrated at the low inventory and high levels of competition, we sought Kristen’s help because she made the best impression.  When I look back at our entire search timeline (which ran August 2015 to end of March 2016), we really gained momentum after we reconnected with Kristen. It’s imperative to have an agent who is truly on your side throughout the entire interaction.  Much time has been spent in talking strategy, inventory available, property visits …and now she is still with us as we make our way through the contract process to closing.  I loved it when Kristen would call bullsh*t on people (other agents/seller/etc) who were wasting time. Without her, we would not have known that our time was being wasted, or that certain actions of others were a complete violation of ethics. There can be much headache and unknown involved with real estate, but having Kristen as an agent made all the difference.

-Christine W., Buyer

Coop Purchase in South Brooklyn