Green Space in and around Bushwick

With the commencement of Spring, many New Yorkers are ready for a change of weather and more time outdoors.  Although we are surrounded by a lot of concrete, we are blessed in New York City with wonderful parks such as Central Park, Prospect Park, Highline, Fort Tyrone and more. It’s even more wonderful to stroll down the block and grab some rays of sunshine in a grassy spot in your neighborhood.  Not to mention, your pets will love you more if you find one close to home.

So here is a list of some parks in the Bushwick area and their highlights:

Maria Hernandez Park located between Knickerbocker and Irving Avenue from Starr to Suydam Street.  This is a newly remodeled park in the epicenter of Bushwick with lots of activity surrounding it.  Plenty of restaurants nearby to grab a picnic lunch if you didn’t bring your own.

Irving Square Park located between Knickerbocker and Wilson Avenue from Weirfield to Halsey Street.  This is a low key park with a lot less activity than Maria Hernandez.  Mostly occupied by children during the daytime being that it’s located adjacent to a school.  If you’re looking for a more relaxing outing, this is a good place.

Cleveland Park located between Fairview and Grandview Avenue from Stanhope to Dekalb.  This park is good for all ages and my personal favorite.  Located in the family oriented neighborhood of Ridgewood, just north of the L, this park offers a large soccer field with turf, playground, jogging paths, tennis, racquet, and basketball courts, as well as plenty of trees and benches for lounging.  In the morning, you find the 50 and above crowd getting in their daily exercise.  There is no better motivation than watching a 75 year old play racquetball.  In the afternoons and evenings, the park is filled with young kids and adults playing soccer and having family outings.

Highland Park located between the Jackie Robinson Expressway and Jamaica Avenue.  This is a large park which feels forest like and is better suited for the outdoorsy type.  A great place to go hiking along the footpaths.  There are also several picnic areas with grills available for entertaining a larger group.  There is also a lake, fountain, flower garden, recreational areas with tennis, football, baseball and skating during the Winter.

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